Testimonial from our Customer

Three years ago my wife and I bought our first home in San Antonio. It had been an old rental home for 20 plus years and needed a lot of love. Since we’re avid fans of do-it-yourself shows, we figured we were up to the challenge. So we made the leap into the world of home ownership. Shortly after the purchase though, as you could image, all sorts of new problems popped up with the home and the roof was one of the major problems.

Even though we had been in San Antonio for over 8 years, we had never needed to hire a roofing company so we had no clue where to turn. We asked friends, searched the web, and checked out Angie’s List. We wanted to be sure that we were going to find an honest, professional roofer at a good price.

After getting several quotes from other San Antonio roofing companies and not being very impressed – we found Rio Blanco Roofing. Kit came to our home and was prompt, professional and even seemed to go above and beyond when he got up on our roof, took his camera and shot photos of all of the trouble spots. He didn’t just show them to us on his camera’s screen. He uploaded them all to Dropbox – and sent us the link to view them ourselves. He explained what we were looking at and told us the best options for improving our home.

We never felt pressured for an “up sale.” We never felt lied to or manipulated and those are certainly the uneasy feelings we were facing with other roofing companies.

The selection of roof options was a lot and Kit made it simple to understand and choose. He even upgraded our venting system and the cost was less than expected.

After signing contract, we still had a feeling of “what if.” What if something goes wrong? What if they find something random like in those home shows where they have to replace all of the plywood under the roofing? The thoughts were running crazy in our minds.

But – Kit’s team showed up the morning scheduled and got to work. In just one day the roof was complete. The new gutters were installed and everything was cleaned up as though they had never been there.

We love our new roof on our home. Our neighbors love our new roof too! They’ve stopped by bragging on how nice the house looks. One neighbor told us that this new roof was the 1st time they can ever remember that house getting so much love.

Two days later – the rain came – and in true Texas style – it dropped hard and fast. We held our breath to be sure that this new roof had no leaks, and that the gutters were going to disperse the rain for us in a way that didn’t flood our yard. And guess what? No leaks. No floods.

I’m writing this article for Rio Blanco Roofing as a “Thank you” for not only their professionalism, but also for the kind and caring approach we received. It’s nice to feel as though you’re doing business with someone you’ve known for years and you’ll feel that when you meet Kit and his team.

Look no further for the Best Roofing Company in San Antonio… Rio Blanco Roofing is the best there is in my opinion.

– B. Ashton, San Antonio